Carlisle Youth Zone is a registered charity which provides young people with a safe and inspiring place to go which raises aspirations, encourages positive behaviour and develops healthy lifestyles.

Since opening in 2011 Carlisle Youth Zone has supported over 5,000 local young people, enabling them to get involved with new activities and socialise in a safe but challenging environment.


Carlisle Youth Zone believes passionately in giving the young people of Carlisle the best start in life by providing great facilities and developing young people’s ideas and aspirations into engaging and meaningful activities.

Our youth work team supports young people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages, encouraging personal responsibility, tolerance and ambition. With support from the local businesses and communities around the city, Carlisle Youth Zone can ensure that more young people are supported and given opportunities to participate in activities, trips and projects.Untitled2


As a supporter TopNotch Contractors have played a significant role in the success of Carlisle Youth Zone by providing us with all repairs and maintenance work for free at their convenience.

Whether it’s Christmas Eve and a leak in the roof, or supporting cyclical servicing with things like emergency lighting – TopNotch Contractors have been there to ensure that the Youth Zone can remain open to the thousands of young people that rely on it every week.


By covering the costs of repairs and maintenance through their highly skilled and accommodating team, TopNotch Contractors have taken away the stress and worry of making ends meet for Carlisle’s biggest young people’s charity.Untitled3

This in-kind support enables Carlisle Youth Zone to:

  • Support over 1,000 young people every week
  • Develop specialised activities and recruit the staff we need to deliver them
  • Focus on getting the most disadvantaged and isolated young people in the area to engage in positive and life changing opportunities
  • Take vulnerable young people away on residential trips to build their confidence and self esteem
  • Deliver inspirational projects which raise aspirations and get young people into work

Top Notch Contractors have indirectly helped thousands of young people to participate in new experiences, make friends and get inspired to become healthy, tolerant and ambitious young adults.

We cannot thank them enough for the incredible service they give us and what this support enables the Youth Zone to give back to the young people of Carlisle.