Our EMS is certified by the Quality Guild. It aligns with the principles of ISO14001:2004, and has the following objectives:

  • Reduce energy consumption on-site and within our office.
  • Reduce emissions produced by our fleet.
  • Minimise waste produced from construction activities to landfill.
  • Reduce probability of accidental oil/chemical spillage.
  • Enhance environmental awareness of staff.

We have subscribed to the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s SWMP template and ensure this is implemented for all projects we undertake. These plans provide statistical information on waste produced and recycled for each project stage. This is tracked weekly for various waste streams and waste material types.

It is the responsibility of our Contracts Managers to assess the likely waste streams of a project during mobilisation, including projected volumes of each waste stream, likely levels to landfill and measures to reduce this that have previously been successfully used. This is all included on our SWMP for the project, used as a live tool to monitor our effectiveness at diverting waste from landfill. We also have Green Champions in our organisation, who take ownership of waste reduction against the targets applied by the Contract Managers.

We have a ‘no skips on site’ policy, ensuring all waste is taken back to our segregation facility and is in turn segregated into recyclable waste streams. We hold a waste carrier licence for our newly procured low emission fleet and coordinate vehicle collection and drop off iteratively so we move all waste back to our own dedicated waste segregation unit in our purpose-built facility and yard. This facility is specifically tailored towards the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Through this unit we are able to fully prevent several waste streams from schemes ever reaching landfill. For example, wood waste, is handled by our striping metal and nails and recycle/chip it for use in biomass plants. We have existing relationships with social enterprises and provide them first refusal on timber and sheet material which they can either reuse or use as firewood.

In addition to our chipping plant, we have a crusher in our waste segregation unit to crush pre-cast concrete products back into aggregate. Glass recycling points also enable us to crush glass for aggregate which can later be used on-site for our clients as substrate, which has added real value to previous projects.

For any waste that we are unable to reclaim, reuse and/or recycle we have arrangements in place with Cumbria Waste Management our formal Watse Management partners. They have enhanced recycling arrangements for specialist materials to further divert site waste from landfill.

Our company has been independently assessed and audited by the Carbon Trust. We worked with the appointed advisor to set realistic environmental improvement targets and implement them across our company. We have significantly reduced waste production through the above measures resulting in waste-to-landfill reduction in March 2011 at 84% reduced to 14% by February 2014. This example beat our target of reducing waste to landfill to 20% by October 2015. Our new measures will ensure we continue to surpass our 20% reduction target.

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